SHIVA Charity update 2002 Regd UK Charity 1045197

December 2001 to January 2002….. Pokhara is looking wonderful this time of year. The weather is very clear after about 10am when the cold mist rises and the sun breaks through.

There are not many tourists this year, due to the recent troubles, so it is also more tranquil, though all the Nepalese are complaining that there has been very little business.

Phewa Lake, Pokhara Jan 2002

I would recommend anyone to fly to Pokhara, and view the Annapurna Range of mountains. There are many domestic airlines that fly from Kathmandu, and the cost for a tourist is around 60 US dollars (much less if you are Nepalese).

You can always return by coach for a few hundred rupees ( a seven hour journey through the valley.)

On Christmas Day we took the SHIVA school pupils in Leknath to the "Mahendra Caves" area, where we toured the caves and then had a picnic in the woods. They brought a LIVE GOAT with them and slaughtered it on the spot….. I was too squeamish to watch but for the children it was a common experience. The photo on the right is showing the meat being cut up for cooking.

This was done in a huge pot over an open fire. Plenty of vegetables too.

The children really enjoyed this wholesome meal, though I personally ate very little goat, and concentrated on the veg and rice.

There was dancing and cricket, and all had great fun.

You can download a small video clip below.

 click here!

In this photo you can see some of the children from the SHIVA School in Pokhara. Behind are two of our project managers. On the left is Anil Thapa, who looks after the Ginette Harrison School in Banepa, near Kathmandu, and on the right is Premesh Kumar Fernando from SRI LANKA. He looks after the SHIVA projects there, and came to Nepal to see more of the charity's work.

After the Pokhara visit Anil, Premesh and I went back to Kathmandu. We took a new computer to the Ginette Harrison School. In fact, thanks to generous sponsorship over the last few months we now have one computer in GHS one at the SHIVA Centre in Leknath and one for the SHIVA office. We were also able to buy Anil a digital camera so that he would be able to keep us all updated with images!

Also we have managed to keep all the schools well supplied with exercise books, pens and pencils, and Nepalese class books.

In this photo, though, the children from the Leknath School are reading their favourite English stories. The books here are as usual provided by Books For Nepal (SHIVA Charity's favourite charity!)

Here are a few video clips of the "Children's Day" at Ginette Harrison School. You can view with "Windows Media Player" or "Real One" by clicking on the icons! video1 video 2 video 3