Most of Bright Future Primary School, Nepal, is mostly made of mud and clay. SHIVA Charity added two little nursery classrooms, but really they need to build a whole new school of brick and concrete. Can you help?
Making greetings cards
Playing Multiplication Bingo
Making Calendars
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SHIVA Charity (UK) puts free educational pages on its web site in order to be used primarily in Nepal, Sri  Lanka, and Darjeeling, India, where lessons are mostly repetitive "chalk and talk" and curriculum restrained. We are involved in teachers' resources training there, and hope that schools in the UK and elsewhere will support SHIVA Charity's cause with funding. Please visit our main pages to see the work we do, and how we raise money for individual projects and for child sponsorship.
Video of a lesson on "Symmetry"
Building the nursery annexe to the school
The completed nursery, and lessons begin!!
Bright Future is a very poor little school in a farming village in the district of Kavre, Nepal. Its primary children are lucky to have staff who care, and they have asked SHIVA Charity to appeal for help. We managed to get them some funding for a nursery "annexe" so that two classrooms could be used for the younger ones. However they really need a completely new school building, with every classroom built of brick, concreted and plastered and painted. These children deserve to have a clean and safe environment. Can you, your school or organisation help? A new school building would cost 15,000. "Bright Future" would then be more than just a name on a board.
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