Millions of people are affected by the Nepal earthquake of April 25th 2015 and the many aftershocks. They have to cope with injury, loss of loved ones, loss of homes, lack of food, water, shelter and livelihood. Some have still (as of  October) received no real help from the government, and some only a little from NGOs. They are coping with patience and dignity, and hoping for a better future. Please help them to achieve it by donating to organisations like SHIVA Charity. We were there at the beginning and will be here helping until the end.
Safe in open ground hours after the earthquake,
this family's house has been destroyed.
Coping with loss of life.... this large house collapsed, killing the occupants.
Searching for signs of life in the rubble of a house in Bhaktapur.
School teachers retrieving what they can from their destroyed school.
Children left alone and bewildered.....
Injured by falling masonry, and living in a SHIVA Charity tent (Nala).
Communal temporary shelter (Melamchi)
Continuing to carry home grown potatoes
Home made shelter from old corrugated steel

Sheltering the precious livestock
Children playing in the ruined streets of Baluwa
Collecting water in plastic buckets (provided by SHIVA Charity)