I am a crab.

My pincers crush white sea shells

And pinch human toes.

I bury myself in the golden sand.

When you try to catch me

I scurry sideways like a drunk,

And scamper diagonally

Across your path

And disappear.

Sometimes though,

I am trapped in a salty rock pool,

And it is my prison.

Here I am at the mercy

Of the seagulls

And the boys who come

With red plastic buckets,

Squealing with pleasure

When they scoop me up.

I am a crab.

My hard brown bony shell

Is like a shield

And I carry my pinching tools

Like a proud warrior.

Leave me alone to fight

In the battlefields of the sea!

In this poem the poet has imagined being a crab. He uses many
similes. Write a similar poem where you are a different animal
(maybe a snake or a spider)

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