Making Dreamcatchers
Dreamcatchers were first made by the Ojibwe tribe of native American Indians hundreds of years ago. They believe that dreamcatchers can catch bad dreams in the "spiders web" but let good dreams through the central hole. They should be hung above a sleeping person.
See below for some ways to make a dreamcatcher in the class room.
Make a hoop (circle) with wire or cable, and tie with strong string. Use 3 metres of wool wound around a piece of card.
Neatly cover the hoop by winding tightly around the cable.
Neatly cover the hoop by winding tightly around the cable.Use wool or string to start the spider's web.
Loop the string or wool around the previous loops you made before. Work your way towards the centre. (I have also put red wool around the centre to show where the "good dreams" go.
Decorate the dreamcatcher with beads and feathers, or flowers.
Above is another hoop I have made using wicker twigs. You might also use palm leaf stalks or thin bamboo.
Decorate and hang above the bed!
Ojibwe native American
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Video of Nepalese school children making dreamcatchers