1) Drinking Water. Water from the tap in most villages in Nepal is contaminated, and the children are unaware of this and can be seen taking their water in water bottles with their lunch to school. The village of Rabi Opi and the villages beyond in the District of Kavre are no exception. Our six schools all have contaminated water, and is really undrinkable. To  put this right we need a water purifier and a large tank fitted to each school, with a couple of sinks and taps so the children can drink safely. The cost of fitting these items and a purifier the will purify water at the rate of 100 litres per hour from a thousand litre tank, and some hygiene lessons from health inspectors with first aid boxes and medicine will cost 2500 pounds per school. We hope that you or your organisation will raise the money for one school and prevent the many illnesses the children contract by drinking contaminated water.
2) Printing booklets for teacher Training. Over the last 24 years SHIVA Charity has been involved in teacher training in craft lessons, and it has given demonstration lessons to many schools. We have now made a booklet with 100s of ideas for lower school to make lessons more enjoyable. We need to print at least 1000 of these booklets so we can go to the hundreds of schools in the area to distribute them and to give demonstration lessons. Printing 1000 booklets will cost 2000 GB pounds only, and will give children the chance to have a many enjoyable lessons and not the usually drudgery of rote learning and curriculum lessons all the time. Can you or your organisation fund the printing of these booklets and bring joy into dull class rooms? Booklets are 108 pages long and packed with ideas. To view the pages of the booklet please click on the link below.