SHIVA Charity (UK), 19 Daventry Rd., Knowle, BRISTOL BS41DQ.

Darrick Wood School Uniform

DWS Computer room

Urmila Kumal is 6 years old and lives in Leknath, Nepal. She comes from a poor family. Her father (Kumar Kumal) is a farm labourer, and her mother (Rati Maya) looks after the family of four.

In Nepal farm labourers earn about fifteen pounds (1800 rupees) a month, and often the children are taken out of schooling because parents cannot afford monthly fees, uniform, books or equipment. Please consider sponsoring Urmila. Five pounds (10 US dollars) per month will give her free education and a future at Darrick Wood School, Nepal.

If you would like to sponsor Urmila, and have a UK bank account, please click HERE to print out and complete the monthly form, and send to : SHIVA Charity, 19 Daventry Rd., Knowle, BRISTOL BS41DQ.

If you live outside the UK please donate using the secure on line site by clicking HERE!! and e-mailing the charity at bob@shivacharity.com