Your own creative writing is marked by  the quality of your sentences. In a story if you write...
The man went in the shop.
It is not interesting, and it tells the reader nothing. If you describe the man (with adjectives), and say how he went (with a good verb and adverb) and what sort of shop (an adjective and a better noun), then the reader will be interested.

In your exam and coursework you will also obtain a much better grade.

The man went in the shop

The suspicious looking old man crept quietly into the old tobacconists.


1) The girl read a book.

2) The boy went to the door.

3) The woman ate her food and went.

4) The children played games.

5) The baby took a sweet.

6) The man went up the mountain.

7) The boy swam in the water.

8) The bird flew away.

1) Try to improve the sentences in the story below. Write out your improved


The boy got out of bed. He looked out the window. He saw it was sunny. He

brushed his teeth. He put on his clothes. He had breakfast. His mum made him

sandwiches. His friend knocked at the door. They both went out. His friend fell

out of the tree onto the ground. He hurt himself. They went home.

Put each word below in a sentence to show its meaning. Try to make the

sentences interesting.

For example courage .... The skinny boy showed great courage when he bravely pulled the drowning black dog from the dark deep pool of smelly water.

courage   instant   savage

notice   proper   whisper

interest   explain   contained

midnight   laughter   error

discovered   signal   whether