April 2017
SHIVA Charity
Ginette was a world famous high altitude mountaineer. She climbed the "Seven Summits" and was the first woman to conquer Kangchenjunga. Sadly she died in an avalanche on Dhaulagiri in 1999. Her friends and family wanted to set up a lasting memorial in her name. and asked SHIVA Charity to help. Ginette Harrison School was founded in 2001, in a poor farming area, deep in the Rabi -Opi Valley, near Banepa. However, after four years, under pressure from Maoist terrorists (who had threatened to blow up the building), a new and bigger school was built nearby, with more classroom space, and better equipment and facilities for the students and staff.
Ginette Harrison School 2008
By 2008 it was a thriving school and very popular in the area for its facilities and more creative methods of teaching.
Fundraising for the school has been ongoing. Every year the "Wilderness Lectures" in Bristol have a specific evening when the Ginette Harrison Memorial Lecture raises money for the school. "Mountain Kingdoms" receives funding fron its clients to support the school, and other generous donations, including those from Barcan Woodward (solicitors), and Hill International, have helped to improve the school even further.
In 2014 the school was renovated, replastered and painted, with the upper storey completed, and a new roof, windows and doors fitted.
Above: GHS School 2015. Right: Roof concreted, children at work. Bottom right: We still need fencing around the playground area for safety (there is a drop beyond the trees), and playground facilities.