Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Choose eight volunteers to stand in front of the class and take one playing card each. (These cards do not have the Jack, Queen, King or Joker. They are just the numbers and the Aces.) Each student should show his card to the class. The teacher then discusses the Mode, Mean, Median, and Range of those eight numbers.
MEAN: The mean is like the average. Count the total and divide by how many cards there are. In this case (below) the total is 8+4+5+2+3+9+2+1 = 34. So 34 divided by 8 = 4.25. The MEAN is 4.25.
MEDIAN.The median is the MIDDLE number when they are all put in order (see below). Tell the students to get in order from lowest to highest. Then th MIDDLE number is the Median. If there are two middle numbers then use the number halfway between them. Ask another student to stand in the Middle of the eight others. In this case below he is half way between 3 and 4... so his value is 3.5. So the MEDIAN is 3.5
MODE: Mode is the number that is most popular. The number that appears most. In this case the numbers all appear once only, except for the number 2 which appears TWICE. So number 2 is the MODE. (Sometimes there is no mode, if no number appears more than any others.)
RANGE. If we find the difference between the highest number and the lowest number, that is called the range. In this case the highest number is 9 and the lowest number is 1, so the difference is 9 - 1 = 8. So the RANGE is 8
Now continue the lesson with other children picking cards and standing out the front while the class try to find out the Mean, Median, Mode and Range of the cards.
If there is time, do the exercises from the printed sheets below.
Worksheet one
Worksheet two
Worksheet three
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