Using a "Multiplication Picture Sheet"
Download the printable sheet by clicking here!
Ask the students to colour in the sheet, and talk about the pictures. How many ears the rabbit has, and how many petals the lotus has, etc.
How many legs do five chairs have? What is the maths sum for this? (5X4=20)
How many points do three stars have? What is the maths sum for this? (3X6=18)
How many petals do six lotus plants have? What is the sum for this? (6x7=42)
EXTENSION: Ask the students to think of anything else there are four of five of six of seven of eight of (example six legs of an insect, eight "legs" (tentacles) of an octopus, four legs of a horse, three sides to a triangle, five toes to a foot, four walls in the class room.) Ask them to make up questions, for example "How many sides do seven triangles have?" "How many legs do six elephants have?" and then they can write the sum and the answer on the board, or write them on their paper, for example for the elephants (6x4=24).