NEWS FROM SRI LANKA (Bob returning to SL February 16th 2005)

Two days after arriving in Sri Lanka the project manager, and I went to Ampara with our task force of builders, and a roofer. It did not take long before I realised what a great team they were! No sooner had we shown them the task and they were laying foundations and building walls. Their task is to build three nursery schools before the Easter break.

They have of course seen the destruction in the area and consider it a great job to be doing. They have to live in often uncomfortable conditions in a building close to the site, but they are always smiling and joking. The first school they are building is the one sponsored by the Evening Post (Bristol) and the second one by the Lions Club (Paignton).

The photo (right) is the third task. This is the DJDoodle school, where the children, who were all living close to the sea, were lost. The old delapidated building is to be renovated and made into a library and the new school built next to it. Local workers are helping with this task.

The district of Ampara itself is still suffering greatly from the tsunami. There has been help from the local and international NGOs, and some tents have been provided by the government. There are refugee camps, and temporary shacks. Some people have been waiting so long for help, that they have decided to go back to their broken homes and stay there, even though they have no facilities. I am visiting Galle in a few days (South Sri Lanka) to see the situation there. Then I will go back to Ampara and take photos of completed nurseries!!

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