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Decorating Pencil tops
Make writing interesting by decorating your pencil tops. A SHIVA Charity resources training lesson using a pencil, coloured paper, string, craft punch (to make coloured shapes), drinking straws, beads and glue.
Cut two pieces of coloured paper 3 by 4 inches
Roll tightly, with the pencil top about half way up the tube of paper.
Wind the string tightly back over itself. Make sure there is plenty of string remaining at the ends
Tie two knots so the ends of string are in two different places (see the photo below).
Insert the scissors and cut in thin strips towards the pencil
Open the strips out
Glue coloured paper shapes onto the strips
Make some "beads" using drinking straws
Add plastic beads and tie knots to the ends.
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SHIVA Charity (UK) puts these free educational pages on its web site in order to be used primarily in Nepal, Sri  Lanka, and Darjeeling, India, where lessons are mostly repetitive "chalk and talk" and curriculum restrained. We are involved in teachers' resources training there, and hope that schools in the UK and elsewhere will support SHIVA Charity's cause with funding. Please visit our main pages to see the work we do, and how we raise money for individual projects and for child sponsorship.
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