We can see through the window.
The pencil is on the glass.
The scissors are leaning against the cup.
The CD is leaning against the bag.
There is a gift inside the bag.
The cup is between the glass and the CD.
The table is below the window.
The glass is under the pencil.
The glass is beside the cup.
A spoon has been put into the cup.
The curtain has not been pulled across the window.
The scissors are in front of the bag and the cup.
The plant with red leaves is behind the bag.
There are coloured patterns printed onto the bag.
Look at the window!
Can you see across the garden to the trees?
You are not tall enough to look over the hedge.
The sky above is grey, and the garden below is dark.
PREPOSITIONS usually tell us about the position of something in relation to something else. They are mostly placed in front of a noun or pronoun. For example, "The cat is on the roof".
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