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                     PUPPETS IN THE CLASSROOM
Character Glove Puppets, or spoon puppets, or bag puppets are ideal teaching and communication aids for anyone working with young children in school. The joy of hearing a story being read can be greatly enhanced when a character from the story is brought to life in the form of a puppet - used by the reader to animate the tale. Similarly, a sensitive message can be explained using the character glove puppet as an effective communication medium.Young
learners like to identify with animals or fantasy characters, which makes a glove puppet an ideal medium for increasing their motivation. The teacher can use it to ask children questions or to act out simple role-plays with them.
       Wooden spoon puppets, bag puppets, sock puppets, and envelope puppets can be half-prepared, so that the children can hand finish them with their own designs. They are cheap and readily available materials.
Puppet lesson in Nepal (SHIVA Charity)
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SHIVA Charity (UK) puts these free educational pages on its web site in order to be used primarily in Nepal, and Sri  Lanka, where lessons are mostly repetitive "chalk and talk" and curriculum restrained. We are involved in teachers' resources training there, and hope that schools in the UK and elsewhere will support SHIVA Charity's cause with funding. Please visit our main pages to see the work we do, and how we raise money for individual projects and for child sponsorship.
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