Bob Uppington was invited by the Wrington Vale Rotary to talk on behalf of SHIVA Charity, about the possibility of them raising some money towards an earth brick building machine for the benefit of the Nepalese victims of the 2015 earthquake. They were twinned with the Rotary Club of Dourdan in France, and after some months we had the machine in Nepal plus money for training.
Phil Brittan, Bob uppington and President (Garry Carr)
Inner Wheel Ladies raise money for the first computer
First house, neat and earthquake proof.
At the SHIVA Training Centre the charity needs five computers to make up for the lackof computers in schools. They will train the students and give them computer  time freely. The Inner Wheel Ladies raised the money for the first computer and are in the process  of raising funds for two more.
Gary saw for himself how bad the toilets were at one of the SHIVA schools ( Ginette Harrison School), and the Rotary soon raised the money to rebuild the toilets.
The brick building machine has also been use to build four class rooms at Deepshika school, which was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. SHIVA Charity is also thinking to build toilets there, Then the earth brick building machine will be taken to the nearby village of Nala, where we hope the community can build using bricks it produces,
Deepshika class rooms being built.
Inside Prabin's house.
Garry in Nepal.