Sanga English Medium Secondary School was sponsored by St Michael's School in Otford. They stopped sponsorship in 2017. A lady who wishes to remain anonymous has thankfully taken on the school sponsorship. Now it is a stable school, and SHIVA Charity  has helped its development educationally with teachers' resources training, and music lessons, and provided guitars, keyboards and booklets. This year they also had a volunteer teacher (Marc Polo) teaching English and other core subjects.
2016 has been a good year for the school. A new Nursery annexe has been built behind the main building. St Michael's School also provided extra funding with which we repaired and renovated two class rooms and put a box of resources in one of them. On Children's Day the school parents were surprised with a performance by some of the students, of songs accompanied with several guitars and  keyboard and percussion. Sanga School is a happy school, and we look forward to it having an even brighter future! Please scroll down to see more photos, etc.
Training Sanga School teachers
Demonstrating and donating simple resources provided by SHIVA Charity for the Sanga Nursery Class.
SHIVA Charity providess teachers' resources training for Sanga School (above), and demonstrates the use of them in the class room (right). We aim to make lessons more enjoyable for all ages. Music is now on the Sanga school timetable (this year, Tuesday mornings. Photos below).
The main part of Sanga school is a large rented building, but its maintenance, including decoration, is the responsibility of the tenants. SHIVA Charity would like to improve the environment of the school, so that all the rooms are painted regularly. We repainted most of the class rooms in 2012, but some rooms are still dingy and dirty.
Music lessons at Sanga School. SHIVA Charity provides teachers and instruments freely, and the students can borrow them.
Repainting class rooms in 2012
In April 2016 we received some extra funding from St Michael's School, with which we renovated and repaired the desks in two class rooms, repainted the walls and doors, and introduced a resources box. We also bought some chemicals, equipment and books for the Science Department.
Repainting walls and doors, and repairing desks in April 2016.
The educational system in Nepal has plenty of room for improvement. Teachers are mostly untrained, and there is a lack of resources and funding. The text books are badly illustrated, and are uninteresting. Music, Drama, Art, and creative subjects are not on the curriculum. Sports facilities are rarely adequate. Playgrounds have few or no facilities. The core curriculum subjects are taught mostly by copying from the board, and the emphasis is on gaining good marks for the yearly exams. Boys are considered far more important than girls, both at school and at home. Discipline with smacking and corporal punishment is common. Cheating at the Exam Centres is a big problem that the government is trying to tackle. SHIVA Charity has tried with its resources training and with its own printed booklets, to address some of these problems. We have insisted that Sanga School has no physical punishment, and we have given the teachers regular training in using resources and making lessons more enjoyable, and child-centred. It has been an uphill struggle but very worthwhile.
SHIVA Charity's booklets for teachers. Hundreds of ideas for creative lessons.
Science resources for practical lessons, not just theory...

Resources box
Music Booklet
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This SHIVA Charity centre has just been opened in Sinagal, Banepa, and is easily accessible from Sanga. The school staff  have enjoyed training from us in the past, and now, with our new centre, will have many training sessions to look forward to. We will post photos here of training over the coming months.
The first session with Sanga School was on Saturday 5th November 2016, where the teachers were studying the booklets, and sorting out some ideas for lessons.