When we are writing a story or a poem we need to remember that we have five senses. It makes the writing more interesting, for instance;

The night was as black as coal. Yellow lights were flickering in the distance. The wind whistled in the overhanging branches.
The smell of decay made me feel sick as I squelched along the
muddy path through the forest. I could taste the salty sweat that trickled down my cheek into my mouth. The warm wind tugged at my flapping shirt.

Try to write some sentences using as many of the five senses as

possible describing:

1) Swimming in the sea.

2) Running away from something.

3) Getting up and cleaning your teeth.

4) Climbing a mountain.

the misty blue horizon
the mouldy smell of damp walls
His arm brushed against the sticky cobwebs ...
... and the bitter taste of unripe fruit ...
... and seagulls screamed overhead ....
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