Puyandami with her broken sewing machine
The sewing machine is an important asset to many families in Sri Lanka. Puyandani has a particular need for hers to be replaced as she was tailoring before, making clothes for the poor people in her village. When her machine was broken it was a great blow to her, and she would very much like to be able to continue tailoring for her family and others. The lady in Arugalmadam on the mainland in Jaffna (photo laft) is one of hundreds of others who really need to have a new sewing machine. A simple Singer sewing machine like the one in the photo (top right) costs 250 in Sri Lanka (advertised at 48999 rupees in some shops). Of course some materials to sew and some thread would also be useful, so a total of 300. If you or your school or organisation feel you can fund the purchase of onr or more sewing machines, the please contact Bob Uppington (Chair of Trustees SHIVA Charity UK) at
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Kumarasani from Arugalmadam (Jaffna)