Hundreds of years ago Sri Lankans believed in demons (devils) that lived in the trees and in the mountains. The masks they made represented these, and are often used in drama and dance. Some masks were also used to "cure" the sick. The masks are very frightening and colourful, and many visitors to the island buy a mask for a souvenir.
In the class room a Sri Lankan mask can be made using white card, coloured paper, half a plastic cup (any colour), scissors, a good glue, and a black pen or board marker. This can be a primary or lower secondary project. Please read the instructions below, and make a mask to suit your own designs and ideas!
Plastic cup and paper Sri Lankan Mask
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SHIVA Charity (UK) puts these free educational pages on its web site in order to be used primarily in Nepal, Sri  Lanka, and Darjeeling, India, where lessons are mostly repetitive "chalk and talk" and curriculum restrained. We are involved in teachers' resources training there, and hope that schools in the UK and elsewhere will support SHIVA Charity's cause with funding. Please visit our main pages to see the work we do, and how we raise money for individual projects and for child sponsorship.
Cut the cup in half
Roll the card
Glue and hold for a few minutes
Fold the sides back
Fold the paper in two to make the design symmetrical both sides
Cut in two, one for each side

Glue onto a sheet or two of A4  white paper
Cut, leaving a white border
Finish your design with a black marker
Make a hole and hang on the wall