Teacher training is imperative on the East Coast of Sri Lanka, where real practical training in the use of resources has been very limited. Teachers have had very little experience of creative child - centred learning, and so the children get bored with all the rote learning and repetition. We train the teachers how to use simple resources to make enjoyable lessons. SHIVA Charity has produced a booklet to help with this, containing 100s of ideas.
Not only does SHIVA Charity train the teachers to work with resources in the class room, but we teach some to be trainers as well, so that it empowers them to continue the process indefinitely.
Kyria was the trainer this year. She teaches at St Agnant Nursery School. She remarked, "This has been a good learning experience for me. I was a little apprehensive at first, as these were my colleagues, but we had an interesting and happy time, and I think we learned a lot. The children, of course, are the real winners, because they have much more enjoyable lessons."