Verb Tenses

To know the tense of a verb you must decide if it is happening in the past, present, or future.

Here are some examples:

Past tense: I ran all the way to the shops.
Present tense: I run all the way to the shops.
Future tense: I will run all the way to the shops. (Sometimes "shall" is used instead of "will").

Look carefully at the sentences below and decide of they are past, present or future tense. The first three have been done for you.

1.    Anil gave me a chocolate.     past

2.    I sing better than my sister.      present

3.    Roshani will work on her computer tomorrow.     future

4.    I shall cycle home tonight.     

5.    I think this lesson is easy.     

6.    Rupa cooked a really nice cake.     

7.    She looks very beautiful in her new dress.

8.    The lion roared very loudly.

9.    Who teaches in the nursery class?

10. I'll go to Lalitpur by rickshaw.

11. Ganga knew the boy was hungry.

12. Yesterday he stole some bread from the house.

13. Some jokes make me laugh so much.

14. She will pass her exams easily.

15. Who put the chickens over there?

16. They are stupid to say that!

17. Deepak found his exam very hard this morning.

18. Nobody wants the dirty water.

19. He looked so surprised when he won the prize.

20. She always loses her pen.

Now put the following story into the past tense:

Bikram is a good boy. He works hard all day. He helps his mother. Today he is walking a long way to the shops. He buys some carrots and some onions, and then puts the vegetables in a plastic bag. He then goes home and his mother cooks a meal. She adds chicken and rice and makes a curry. They eat it and they both feel very happy.
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