There is the place word. 'There he is, over there.' It is often found at the beginning of a sentence. 'There was a large garden.'

Their is the OWNER word. Their books, their houses, their manners, their bus.

They're is short for 'they are'.

Now try to correct these sentences written in a story by a year 7 pupil. Write the corrected version.

"There over their," said the cop.

"There not. You can tell by there car," said 008. Their was a look of determination in his eyes. " I can also see there footprints in the mud over there," he added.

Their were now a load of cops their but they obviously had there hands full with the Blackgang bunch. They had them cornered before but to their surprise they had escaped. But this time 008 was on they're side.

" I think their going to break cover," he said.

Sure enough there black masked heads could suddenly be seen popping up over the sea wall. The police fired but there aim was no good.

" Leave them to me, their mine," said 008. There was no doubting the accuracy of his aim. There death was quick. Each one of the bullets hit one of there masked heads.

If you did this correctly, you should have found 16 mistakes.


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