Above: Red Indian Chief
Left: Collectiom of totem poles at Stanley Park, Vancouver (Canada).
The North American Red Indians carve totem poles from trees. They usually show animals and humans, and nature. Sometimes the carvings are about the history of a family. The Red Indians believe in caring for animals and nature. They believe in having wolf brothers, or eagle cousins, and that they can change from human to animal.
To make a miniature totem pole in the class room, all you need is coloured paper or card, white paper, scissors, glue, a black pen, and some coloured pens or pencil crayons. Please scroll down  for full instructions!
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Glue one edge of coloured A4 paper or card from top to bottm, and roll into a cylinder about 4cm in diameter TO MAKE A POLE29.5cm LONG (Do not roll it the shorter way!!)
Decide which is the top of the "pole" and cut it slightly curved to make it more interesting. Make sure the pole will stand firmly on the table or desk. Now draw and colour some faces of animals or humans in the style above.
Glue them onto the front of the pole so that one is above the other. Make wings by folding a piece of paper down the middle and cutting with scissors to make it symmetrical. Use a black pen to draw patterns on the wings. Glue it to the back of the pole, behind the "bird".
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