The new Training Centre was sponsored by "True Volunteer Foundation" in 2016, and is now fully operational. We have a music room, where students can learn to play guitar, keyboard, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, harmonium, harmonica, flute and rhythm (madal drums, etc.). Our trustee Tony Hobden
is raising money by organising festivals in Weston (UK) for recording facilities. This is a wonderful opportunity for poor Nepal students, who have often never even touched a musical instrument of any kind before!
Students learning music at the TVF Centre.
Teachers learn how to use resources.
SHIVA Charity worker (Devraj) preparing ideas for training.
Teachers from the 50+ schools in Kavre are invited to come for teacher training at the Centre. This has proved so popular, (as most teachers have never had training!) that we have introduced a training certificate. This is for those who have not only attended courses, but have used the resources in their class room within one month of finishing the course.
Demonstration lessons are also performed in the class room by SHIVA Charity workers, so that the  teachers have a chance to learn about good positive teaching, rather than the boring "chalk and talk" lessons. The teachers will have already been given a booklet with 100s of ideas to use in the class room, but sometimes they still need help with class room decoration! Often the class room's dirty walls are empty, with no sign of students' work!
A class room wall being decorated by SHIVA Charity workers and students.
The SHIVA Teachers' Resources booklet. 108 pages like the ones above. CLICK on the links!