SHIVA Charity.... Promoting education in Nepal and Sri Lanka

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SHIVA Charity to build 20 little nursery schools.

Each will cost 2500 to build and 60 per month

to run (teacher's pay, equipment, etc.)

If you can help, please e-mail

I went to Sri Lanka on December 10th in order to oversee the work of the charity, and to enjoy a Christmas in the sun. I visited the SHIVA Schools, including the little nursery school in Karaitivu, Ampara, on the east coast. We paid the teachers and gave out equipment, and boxes of biscuits. The children were very polite and grateful, and we returned to the west coast happy that everything was going well for SHIVA Charity.

When the tsunami struck it became evident, after a couple of days, that Ampara had been the worst affected. The project manager and I decided we must go back and take a lorry load of drinking water, dry food, blankets, etc., and try to find out what had happened at the school. Heavy rain and flash floods hindered our progress, but we eventually found the school, flooded but still standing, but our 40 little children were missing. We were shown the area where they lived, and I wept. Nothing was there ... absolutely nothing. They were a poor community and lived in wooden shacks with palm leaf roofs. The waves had erased everything.

Some of the nursery class before the tsunami (Dec 15th.

After the disaster the road to Ampara is flooded.

We find the school, flooded but not destroyed. No children.

Brick buildings are obliterated.

This was "Moon Nursery School"

The refugee camp at Karaitivu, Ampara.

Children from the camp can still smile.

SHIVA Charity with its lorry of aid.

Women at the camp cooking the dry rations.

This father lost all nine of his children.

A shelter built on the rubble for somebody's son.

More aid from SHIVA for the community near the school.

SHIVA Charity is appealing for funds to build at least twenty nursery schools. A small nursery building costs 2500, and the cost of running it 60 per month, including teacher's pay, and equipment. Monthly sponsorship needs to be long term, so that the community are secure in the knowledge they have a free and safe place for their children to learn. PLEASE HELP by e-mailing the charity at