SHIVA Charity's chairman was witness to the terrible destruction that the tsunami brought to Sri Lanka's east coast. One SHIVA nursery school lost all of its children to the wave.

We cannot imagine the grief of the survivors, or the trauma suffered by the children who are left. We can only do our best by helping to rebuild the little nursery schools that once gave joy and hope.

SHIVA Charity will rebuild at least 20 little nursery schools in and around the Ampara district, where more than 12000 lost their lives. This is a poor area, where financial assistance is desperately needed. Please make a donation to SHIVA Charity to help us do our work. A school costs 2500 to build and 60 per month to maintain and run (including teacher's pay.)

Makeshift school built by locals to replace Amman School, which lost 5 children.

Namagal School, left partly standing, needs to be knocked down and rebuilt. Half the children in this school are lost.

All that's left of Sarasvati School, now propped up dangerously by timber supports.

A Basic nursery school for about 45 pupils is 24ft by 14ft, and made of brick, with tiled roof. Wrought iron grills are in the windows, for security, and to let in the air.

Facilities include a playground with swings and see-saw, and surrounding fence or wall. The class room should be equipped with desks and chairs, a store cupboard, blackboard, exercise books, pencils, crayons, and games equipment.

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