SHIVA charity in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Sponsor a child in Nepal and Sri Lanka through SHIVA charities. Sponsorship in Asia through SHIVA charity to give a child a chance. SHIVA (Schools helping India Voluntary Association) promoting skills and education in Nepal and Sri Lanka through child sponsorship. SHIVA charity is a UK registered charity. Please support SHIVA charities projects such as the Ginette Harrison School, Babu Chiri school fund (for Babu Chiri Sherpa), and the Shiva leaning Centre and Pre School in Sri Lanka. Child sponsorship gives hope!


The SHIVA Pre School in Pitipana, Negombo, Sri Lanka, is a very busy and happy place, where the children learn and play in a safe and well supervised environment.

The children all have uniform, equipment, teaching and special events (trips, exhibitions, sports meetings) all free. The parents come from very poor fishing families, and so we ask them to pay nothing for their children's education.

Often a family is earning as little as 12 per month.

This year we are especially fortunate because the Pre School has just been sponsored with a very generous monthly donation from David and Cara. This means that the running of the school and the education of its children are guaranteed for many years to come.

The teachers, children and the Field Director were delighted with the news!

Below are some very short video clips of the Pre School children in class and at play. I hope that it gives you some idea of the atmosphere of the place.

April is just before the monsoon time and the heat can be overbearing. The children seem oblivious of it, though, running about everywhere!

Click the camera for a short video clip!............ Classroom 1

Classroom 2.... Children at play 1...... Children at play 2